At Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP, our Whittier workers’ compensation attorneys know that getting hurt at work can change your life. No matter where you work in California, and although it is a no-fault workers’ compensation state, a workplace injury, and the benefits an employee may be eligible to receive because of it, is no substitute for your full physical, emotional, and financial stability.

A workplace injury essentially means putting your life on hold while you endure the bureaucracy of the workers’ compensation process.

Although we can help remove the challenges associated with the system, today we would like to focus on providing safety tips for California workers to avoid injuries, so they can maintain the positive lifestyles they have worked so hard to develop.

Tip One: Know Your Work Environment

Just as it is important to always remain aware of your surroundings outside of the workplace, knowing your work environment may also help improve safety.

Whether it is an office building or factory, shopping mall or restaurant, knowing the layout of your work environment, where the emergency exits are, which route to take in case of a fire, and where any potential hazards may be — including things as simple as a dip in the floor or hot equipment — you can avoid dangerous circumstances.

When California workers can avoid potentially hazardous situations, they may be able to prevent accidents before they happen and minimize their risk for injuries.

Tip Two: Use All Workplace Equipment Safely

Taking safety shortcuts can put not just you, but everyone in the workplace in jeopardy.

First, in all applicable workplace positions, take the time to set up and use the proper safety equipment. Failing to properly use office equipment, tools, or machinery can end in injury, no matter how long you have been using the resources.

In most cases, the safe use of any machinery can occur by:

  • Reading the operating manual.
  • Taking continuing education courses.
  • Registering for and participating in procedural training allows you to not only identify the hazards associated with the equipment but avoid them.

Tip Three: Assess Your Body Mechanics & Adjust Accordingly

Whether you are a server in a restaurant, a worker on an assembly line, or an office worker, maintaining good body mechanics is extremely important.

Positive ergonomics, good posture, safe maneuvers, and movements are all great ways to decrease the probability of workplace injuries.

Tip Four: Use Workplace Rest and Meal Breaks to Your Advantage

Reporting to work well rested can improve your attention, concentration, and thought clarity. Once you are there, take the meal and rest breaks you are afforded to reset, and stay safe. The more distracted, stressed, or overworked you are, the more likely you are to make a mistake.

Fatigue also reduces reaction times, which may make it hard to identify a potential workplace hazard until it is too late.

Rest and meal breaks also allow you to rehydrate, fuel your body with nutrition, and reassess any potential issues that could cause an injury.

Tip Five: Report Workplace Hazards in Real Time

No matter how insignificant you may think a potential workplace hazard is, report it to your supervisor right away. This may include a blocked fire exit, a spilled drink, or a torn rug. Each has the potential to cause serious injuries unless they are addressed. By reporting a potential hazard, you may help prevent an accident and injury before it happens.

Have You Suffered a California Workplace Injury?

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