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At Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP, our dog bite attorneys in Irvine, California have developed a confident legal approach to providing financial solutions for our clients who suffer injuries from a dog bite or attack.

Our Orange County and Irvine personal injury attorneys understand that pursuing a dog’s owner on your own can lead to defensive behavior and closed doors. And even when an owner accepts the responsibility of the dog bite and the financial requirements necessary to make the injured person whole again, their insurance company is not going to give in as quickly. Our accomplished dog bite lawyers in Irvine, California will aggressively pursue the complete financial recovery you deserve because of your injuries, so you can get the medical care and time away from work you need to heal.

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Do All Dog Bites In Irvine, California Require Medical Care?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly one in five people who are bitten by a dog requires medical attention.

Dog bite victims’ injuries can vary based on their age, size, and the type of dog that inflicted the bite. Children are typically more vulnerable to dog attacks because they are unable to protect themselves from even smaller dogs that may become aggressive. Their dog bite injuries are often more severe, too.

That does not mean that adults cannot suffer serious injuries. Dog bites can cause severe physical injuries including muscle and ligament tears, nerve damage, infections, scarring, and disfigurement.

Infections can be exceptionally debilitating, and appear in numerous forms that require long-term care including:

  • Tetanus: The toxin can lead to rigid paralysis. If you have not received a tetanus shot in the past five years, it is imperative that you see a medical provider immediately following a dog bite.
  • Rabies: Affects the brain and is almost always fatal once symptoms appear, which means immediate care is required to combat the effects of the disease after a dog bite occurs.
  • Pasteurella: Causes a painful, red infection at the site of the dog bite. It may also lead to swollen joints and glands that can cause difficulty moving.
  • Capnocytophaga: Individuals who are bitten by dogs may suffer from this infection when they have a weakened immune system because it is harder for their bodies to fight the bacteria.
  • MRSA: A staph infection that can be extremely hard to treat, as it is resistant to certain antibiotics, and can cause urinary tract, lung, and skin infections. The infection can become life-threatening when it enters the bloodstream.

Even if the dog who bit you is completely up to date on its shots, it is important to seek medical care for your injuries to ensure any long-lasting effects will not preclude you from living an injury-free life going forward.

What Is California’s Dog Bite Law?

The California Dog Bite Statute provides a clear and legal explanation of when the owner is liable after a dog bite occurs.


  • the damages were caused by their dog’s bite
  • the person bit was lawfully in a private place, including the person’s home or property, or in a public space when the bite occurred

As a strict liability state, California does not allow the owner to avoid liability for a dog bite by simply claiming that s/he did not know the dog would act in an aggressive manner.

As the victim, you DO NOT have to show that the owner knew the dog would bite, or that s/he failed to use reasonable care to prevent the dog from biting.

The owner, therefore, is responsible for all the damages that result from the dog bite.

What Is The Most Important Step To Take After A Dog Bite Occurs?

If you have been bitten by a dog, whether it was a stranger’s pet or a dog you are familiar with, it is important that you report the bite by seeking medical care right away. You have no way of knowing the complete extent of your injuries, or the medical care required to treat them, without seeing a medical professional immediately after the bite occurs.

Contact the owner of the dog, if you know who s/he is, and request a copy of the pet’s veterinary records to share with your physician.

If you do not know who the dog belongs to or whether it has been vaccinated, contact animal control or the Irvine Police Department immediately to ensure the dog is not a continuing threat.

Once you have sought medical care, contact the experienced dog bite attorneys in Irvine, California at Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP to protect your rights and pursue a claim against the dog’s owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Irvine Dog Bite:

How Can a Dog Bite Attorney in Irvine Help Me?

At Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP, our Irvine dog bite lawyers will investigate the details of your claim, gather your medical records, calculate the financial impact of your injury, and ensure your legal rights are protected while we pursue the owner’s insurance company for your full financial recovery.

What Happens If My Child Was Bitten By a Dog? Can I Pursue a Claim on Their Behalf?

Yes. Children are more vulnerable to dog bites and attacks, and their injuries are often more severe than an adult since they do not have the size or ability to defend themselves or escape the attack. They could require surgery, ongoing medical care, or suffer from permanent scarring or disfigurement. Your child deserves the best care available for their unique dog bite injuries, and it will be up to you to pursue the owner for their financial recovery.

Who Can Be Held Responsible For My Irvine Dog Bite Injury?

Dog bite cases are more complex than just filing a claim against the dog’s owner. The most common dog bites occur from a known dog, which means the pet can belong to a family member, friend, or another person you would not feel comfortable holding financially responsible for your injuries. Our Irvine dog bite lawyers focus on the pet owner’s insurance coverage, including homeowner’s insurance when seeking financial compensation. That allows us to remove the personal connection from the legal equation.

How Long Will My Irvine Dog Bite Claim Take to Produce Results?

All dog bite injury cases are unique and will require a full assessment to determine their value and establish a timeline to produce results. Because we must prepare your claim before submitting demands to the insurance company, while allowing the legally required time for them to respond, it could take months for your claim to gain traction – simply because the initial process is lengthier than follow-up negotiations.


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