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If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Ontario, California, our experienced Ontario motorcycle accident lawyers can help you pursue the negligent driver or party who caused your crash for the best financial outcome available for your unique injuries.

Our San Bernardino County and Ontario personal injury attorneys at Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP successfully represent motorcycle accident victims who are being met with resistance from the insurance company that should be openly providing financial restitution for their medical bills, lost wages, and the additional expenses they are faced with after an injury. At the end of each of our motorcycle accident cases, our promise is the same: Our Ontario, California personal injury law firm will never charge administrative fees, or take a larger share of your settlement or jury verdict than you do. Guaranteed.

How Long Will My Ontario, CA Motorcycle Accident Case Take To Reach A Financial Resolution?

motorcycle accident in Ontario, CA

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Ontario, California want each of our injured clients to understand that pursuing the best financial outcome for their unique case takes time when it is handled properly.

We are not in the business of providing quick returns for unfair results. Each of our motorcycle accident cases is designed to fit the overall financial needs of the injured rider, which is unique to the person who was hurt in the crash. Simply put, the duration of your case, from accident to financial recovery, will differ from anyone else’s. And that is important to your overall success.

There are several important factors that we focus on when creating a timeline for your financial recovery:

The Extent of Your Injuries & Medical Treatment Release Schedule

Since Ontario, California motorcycle accident victims typically suffer from more severe injuries than those traveling in passenger vehicles, their cases are more complex, and recoveries more complicated.

Orthopedic injuries, neck and spine injuries, head injuries, and brain trauma, all require extended medical care that will be accounted for while we design your personal injury case. We cannot predict how long your treatment will take, but our Ontario motorcycle accident lawyer can meet with your medical provides to ensure the process is underway and to estimate the length and depth of your overall treatment needs.

Gathering Medical Records, Medical Bills, & Overall Expenses That Resulted From Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Ontario, California will compile official copies of your medical records, and the bills that resulted from your overall care. In addition, we will outline the additional expenses from your motorcycle accident, including lost wages, ongoing or long-term medical needs, and any disabilities – partial or full, temporary or permanent – that resulted from the crash.

These records will be used as evidence when we pursue the driver and their insurance company for your financial recovery. Our Ontario, California motorcycle accident attorneys will leave no detail to chance, which means the compilation process will take time to ensure your full set of records are on the legal record.

The Insurance Company’s Response & Our Reaction To Its Composition

The final step in resolving your personal injury claim will be demanding a financial settlement from the insurance company that meets each of your unique injury and monetary needs.

Their response time will vary and typically takes one to two months before they issue a counterclaim. That will mark the starting point of our negotiation process. We will never provide a guaranteed settlement date, as our goal is to extract the best outcome available for your motorcycle accident case. We will continue to fight on your behalf until we reach an optimal figure, and if at any time the negotiations fall apart, we will litigate your case in court.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Ontario, California cannot provide an exact timeline for your personal injury case and its overall recovery. What we can provide is experienced legal representation that will allow you to recover the best financial outcome for your unique accident, injuries, and overall recovery needs.

Your injuries and the circumstances of your motorcycle accident will differ from any other injury victim, and so will our legal representation. We are not a one-size fits all law firm, and our proven track record of producing results for our clients reflects our customized approach to client care.

Our Ontario, California personal injury practice areas include :

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