At Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP, our Whittier workers’ compensation attorneys know California employers are legally required to have workers’ compensation insurance, even if they have only one employee. This entitles employees to receive prompt, effective medical treatment for on-the-job injuries or illnesses no matter who is at fault and, in return, are prevented from suing employers over those injuries.

Because the workers’ compensation system appears streamlined, many injured workers believe filing a claim is a simple process, and in some cases, that may be true.

For instance, if the employer willingly admits the injury happened at work and is work-related, and the injury was relatively minor and required the employee to miss very little work or none, the claim can often be opened, covered, and closed without any trouble.

Unfortunately, they’re not all that straightforward. This is when having a California workers’ compensation attorney can be beneficial.

Why Do I Need a California Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Why Do I Need a California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Workers’ compensation claims can be complex, especially if you have suffered a significant injury and are going to be out of work for an extended time. Navigating them without legal assistance can be challenging because the insurance company will need more than just your word that you require the medical treatment and wage replacement funds associated with your injuries.

As your workers’ compensation attorneys, we can guide you through the process, explain your rights, and advocate on your behalf to:

  • Expedite the Process

With a complete understanding of the deadlines and requirements involved in filing a California workers’ compensation claim, our Whittier attorneys will ensure your claim is submitted correctly and on time, potentially speeding up the resolution of your case.

  • Handle Disputes

Having an attorney can be invaluable if your claim is denied or disputed by your employer’s insurance company. We can represent you in hearings or appeals before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) and fight for your rights to obtain the benefits you deserve.

  • Maximize Your Benefits

At Hanning & Sacchetto, we will review your case, assess the extent of your injuries, and provide all eligible benefits that are claimed, including medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and more.

We can help ensure you receive the maximum benefits you’re entitled to under California law.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys in California work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if we successfully obtain your benefits. This arrangement makes our legal representation more accessible to injured workers throughout California, so they never have to worry about paying upfront legal fees or any fees if we do not win their claims.

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