A recent crash in Whittier resulted in a driver and passenger suffering fatal injuries. Investigators believe that speed was one of the primary causes of the crash. Read on to learn about the recent accident and the dangers of excessive speed, and contact a Whittier personal injury lawyer if you’ve been hurt in a car accident caused by a speeding driver.

Cars may have been racing prior to crash

The recent fatal accident occurred near the intersection of Slauson Avenue and Boer Avenue in Whittier. Witnesses told law enforcement that a 2014 Ford Fusion carrying two men, aged 28 and 30, appeared to be racing with a gray BMW 3-series sedan. The driver of the Ford Fusion, traveling well above the posted speed limit, lost control of his vehicle and veered into oncoming traffic. The Fusion collided head-on with two pickup trucks traveling in the opposite direction. The men in the Fusion were killed. One of the trucks involved in the crash ended up on its roof, and another was thrown across the sidewalk and into the bushes, but both drivers escaped with nonfatal injuries. The driver of the BMW stopped briefly, but left the scene of the accident before paramedics arrived.

Speeding causes as many deaths as drunk driving

The average American driver understands the dangers of speed but views drunken driving as the less acceptable driving behavior. According to a recent study, the two behaviors are responsible for an equal share of fatalities on US roads each year. The National Transportation Safety Board recently released a study attributing speeding as the leading cause in roughly 30% of fatal accidents each year, which is equal to the number of fatal crashes attributed to drunk driving.

Speed makes fatal crashes more likely to occur for a number of reasons. Speed both reduces the amount of time that a driver has to react to conditions or objects in the road ahead and increases the amount of time that is needed to bring the speeding car to a stop. Speeding drivers are also more likely to lose control of their vehicle. When crashes do occur, passenger safety systems are often less effective when drivers are traveling at excessive speeds.

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