Getting hurt in a car accident can be a very traumatic time for anyone.

The force of the crash can lead to immediate confusion about how the accident occurred and exactly what you should do next.

That same force leads to the rush of adrenaline through injury victims, masking serious injury symptoms from appearing for hours or even days.

That is why our  Whittier auto accident lawyers at Hanning & Sacchetto, recommend all accident victims seek medical care immediately after a crash occurs. Timely medical care allows physicians to accurately identify severe injuries and victims to receive the care they need to address their condition without delay.

Should I Seek Medical Care Even After a Minor Auto Collision in California?

Anyone who has been involved in a traffic accident should seek medical care right away for several important reasons.

While some vehicle accidents like rear-end collisions or so-called fender benders may seem minor, the physical injuries that occur to drivers or their passengers may still be severe.

Medical conditions like whiplash, torn ligaments, and soft tissue damage may not be immediately visible — or physically symptomatic — after the crash occurs. The reality is, they could lead to severe physical difficulty moving forward, leaving our clients even more hurt than before without the proper medical care.

Another reason to seek medical care after an auto accident is that your medical expenses could quickly become overwhelming. Without a professional medical outline of your injuries and the ongoing care you need to address them, you may be left paying for those costs out of your pocket on your own.

Should I Schedule an Appointment with My Family Doctor or Go to the Emergency Room After an Accident?

All auto accidents and injuries are unique. In some cases, the crash itself will dictate how quickly you should receive care, as many severe injuries require medical care at the scene of the accident.

Even if you can seek medical care on your own, and do not require an ambulance to get there, get help as quickly as you can after the collision occurs by visiting the emergency room or urgent care.

The emergency room or urgent care staff can provide the immediate attention you need and deliver instructions that may recommend seeing a specialist or following up with your primary care physician.

If you prefer to obtain care from your primary physician, contact their offices to see if you can get an appointment that same day or as quickly as possible thereafter.

Ensuring you receive prompt medical care is important to your physical and emotional well- being. Your care is also important to the potential success of your personal injury case.

How Can Hanning & Sacchetto Help Me File an Auto Accident Injury Claim?

Medical records are some of the most important pieces of evidence in a car accident case. By visiting a doctor right away, you will ensure those records reflect your injuries, giving our law firm evidence we need to pursue a claim against the negligent driver’s insurance company.

Contact our experienced Whittier personal injury attorneys today to learn how we can protect your rights while outlining your unique case to pursue the best financial outcome available on your behalf.