Developing a successful auto accident injury claim against a negligent driver and their insurance company is a complex legal pursuit.

Even when the cause of the accident may seem clear — including an intoxicated driver causing a collision, or a texting truck driver causing a multi-vehicle accident — the insurance company and policy that covers the negligent party will do everything they can to deny your claim.

Our Whittier personal injury attorneys develop cases based on facts. That can include evidence from the accident scene, medical records that verify and document our client’s injuries and often overlooked supporting testimonies from third-party witnesses who were at the scene of the collision when it occurred.

Often the witnesses to an accident, who first establish contact with the injured person, can offer valuable context as to why the auto accident occurred, including the physical and environmental factors that could have caused the collision.

Understanding the Value of Third-Party Witness Testimonies

It is the best practice for anyone who finds themselves in a collision — whether they believe they are injured or not — to record the names, contact information, and a brief statement from neutral witnesses at the scene.

Neutral, third-party witnesses add credibility to your personal injury case by corroborating your account of the accident.

When witnesses from the scene are not impacted by the collision, which means they were not injured, did not suffer any vehicle damage, or were at-fault, they can provide an unbiased statement as to how the accident occurred.

Witnesses can also:

  • Establish who was at fault for the collision by recounting what they saw, including a negligent driver running a red light or texting while driving;
  • Fill in information gaps where those directly affected by the collision cannot recall details;
  • Provide a detailed written and/or verbal statement that adds credibility to the case;
  • Correct any misinformation provided by the at fault party;
  • Help offer a description of any environmental conditions which the at fault party may attempt to shift liability to; and
  • Provide information regarding injuries that the parties may not recall due to the stress of the situation.

At Hanning & Sacchetto, our Whittier auto accident attorneys will review witness statements that were included in the police report and conduct separate, independent interviews with each witness to ensure the insurance company cannot diminish their credibility or hide facts of the accident while we build your case.

Third-party indisputable witness testimony provides strong support for our clients’ cases, which allows our law firm to pursue a fair and timely settlement from the insurance company. This allows our clients to take the time they need away from work, so they can move forward with necessary treatment options without the stress of ensuring their story is correct.

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